Английский язык бонк котий лукьянова гдз 1 часть

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This is a black pencil. Give me that bag, please. This is a cap. Give me a match, please, 5. Give Jane these pencils. Give me these pens and that bag, 7- Take these bad matches. Give me that match, please. This is a pen. This is a black pen. This pen is black, 9. Are you busy today? Can you play table tennis, too?

Has she got any good music at home? Is he good at his job? Are you on holiday yet? Is it a useful book? Are you a doctor? Has he got any new catalogues in his office? Have you got any faxes today? Then send them a fax and do it soon. The job is too difficult. The book is good. Can I keep it till Tuesday? Could you fetch get me some juice? The juice is too cold. Dent is busy at the moment.

Can I help you? Can I speak to Mr. Dent is on a visit to China till next month. This text is too difficult. Could you explain it to me again? Bobby is often late. Please speak to him. This is a bookshop and that is a pet shop, These are my skates. You can take them and use them. Could you ask him to phone me at my office at half past two? Please ask Ben not to close the lab yet.

Can you stay to discuss it? Let me call back. Smith is on holiday till August. Please call back phone him, call him in a month. Let me speak to your teacher before the classes. Please call me before your holiday. Could you call back in four days? Could you call back later, say, Oust after lunch? My colleague keeps his.. You can may keep them till next month. Do you often go to the theatre? Do you teach Chinese? Is it difficult for you to understand Italian films?

Can you call me back? Do you often catch colds? Does Alex speak Spanish? Does Eve teach music? Has she got a piano? Can she play the guitar? Do you know him? Do you often take a taxi home? Does this bus go to the stadium? Can I keep the catalogues? It begins at half past eight," 5. Sorry, can I call you back in 10 or 15 minutes?

I know many of his colleagues. I like to look through the newspapers or listen to the news on the radio at breakfast. Excuse me, could you keep the line free from four to half past four? Could you help me to translate this letter from French? My children already go to school. I think they can come on Tuesday morning. She says they have enough money to start a business.

He thinks you remember him. I think he can speak English. He earns enough to keep a large family. First listen to the tape several times and learn to read the text. Then learn it by heart. I like it very much. These models are too expensive. You can learn to play computer games easily. Is my explanation clear enough? Amy types very carelessly. She is very careless. Are there any good theatres in the city?

Is there enough time for a discussion today? Are there many nice places near Moscow? Are there any new ideas in his book?

Are there many good pictures at the exhibition this time? We are so glad to see you! Could you lend me this book, please? We always go to the country at weekends for the weekend, at the weekend. Please wait a little There are a lot of people here today. Please wait your turn. Do your friends live in Central London?

Where do they live? Why are they pleased with their flat? Is Mrs Ellis on holiday yet? When does she usually go on holiday? Where does she usually go for her holiday? Do the Wilsons like to go to parties? When do they usually go to see their friends? Is there any orange juice in the fridge? Why are there so many people in the cinema? Правила произношения Правила чтения Грамматика англ. Слова TOP Неправ. Другие языки Учебные материалы и тематические ссылки по всем предметам и многое другое.

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